Dream Boston

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Welcome to “Dream Boston,” a future vision of our city that is somewhere between dream and reality.

Through short audio plays, Dream Boston asks local playwrights to imagine favorite locations, landmarks, and their friends in a future Boston, when we can once again meet and connect in our city. These micro-plays take place at locations such as the MIT Great Dome on the 4th of July while the sounds of the “1812 Overture” float in the background, at the Boston Public Library where a librarian and library patron debate the ethics of reserving a book, and a not-so-perfect first date on the edge of the Boston Common.

Supported in part by a grant from the Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation.

Dream Boston is a Boston Globe CRITIC'S PICK  

Listen to the newest episodes:

The Heights    3 Miles by Kadahj Bennett

Listen to the audio plays:

Speaking Up by Masha Obolensky    Best Day Ever by Jacqui Parker 

The Moment Before the Lights Went Out on the Rothkos by John Kuntz    Echoes by Patrick Gabridge 

feeling now by J. Sebastian Alberdi     Virtual Attendance 

The View from MemChurch    The Rainman by John Oluwole ADEkoje 

JOY by Elle Borders     The 54th in '22 

McKim    By the Rude Bridge 


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